How to watch TV on

To watch the Online TV channels or Videos on this page you need the proper players. A good internet connection is required to watch the channels properly, without interruption.

1. Windows Media PlayerIf the TV Channel is not working please ensure that you have installed Windows Media Player 9+ or a higher version.

2. Quick Time PlayerIf you want to download Quick Time player for free Click Here.

3. Adobe Flash PlayerIf you want to watch a TV Channel that uses Flash Player, you must install it from Here.

4. SopCast PlayerAttention !!! To watch SopCast Online TV please install the SopCast plugin and use Internet Explorer. If you are using Mozila Firefox or Opera the TV channels marked with the SopCast Logo won’t work.

SopCast TV on Mozilla FireFox !!! To watch the channels played with SopCast , by using Mozilla, you must read the instructions from here.

5. VLC Media PlayerAttention !!! To watch the channels with the VLC Logo please install the VLC Media Player.

6. Real PlayerAttention !!! To watch the channels with Real Player Logo please install the Real Player.

7. Not WorkingAttention !!! The channels with the following logo are not working for the moment, but our team is trying to get them back.

8. PopUpAttention !!! To watch the channels marked with the following logo, you have to click on the banner and the channels will open in a PopUp Window.

9. Other detailsTo watch some channels you must wait from 30 to 60 seconds before it starts.

If you didn't find your favorite channel by browsing the site you can use the Search Option offered by Write the name of the channel or related keywords, and then press search to see related results.

If you are using Mozilla FireFox and you can't watch the Web TV channels please install this plugin Download the Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin.

For fullscreen mode duble click on the player. Press ESC to return to normal mode.

If you have other questions related to how to watch TV on don't hesitate to contact us.

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Technical Requirements for Online TV

Technical Requirements for Online TV

- Windows Media Player and Real Player latest version
- If you are viewing through Firefox, please install the FireFox WM plugin - Download
- If you are viewing through Internet Explorer, please activate the active X plugin
- You will require a stable internet connection in order to view Live content
- (If any of the channel is not Working it may be a temporary issue)

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